Selected student comments:

Econometrics [Expand]

"Adam is one of the best TA's I've had at Yale, if not the best! He's very helpful, supportive, and approachable. He also does a great job of explaining the material in simpler terms for students."

"Fantastic. I've never had a TF willing to be so helpful, whether in section or on email the day of the exam. Adam had a great way of distilling the course to its basic ideas, which often were not so apparent in lecture."

Development Economics [Expand]

"I have nothing but nice things to say about Adam. He was the only person who made this course accessible and he actually made me want to continue to study economics of developing countries."

"Adam was really the savior of this class since in section he would teach us all of the stuff that it was assumed we already knew, even though we never learned it."

International Finance [Expand]

"Adam was very helpful for the home works and review sessions. He was willing to stay longer at office hours if there is not enough time, which I very much appreciate. He is in general very pleasant to talk to and has a positive attitude. I also appreciate how he is open about what he is confident with and what he is not in terms of answers to questions from class."

"He is great! Adam really knows his stuff and helped me understand and grasp very difficult concepts by simplifying them for me."

Intro Micro [Expand]

"Very good at explaining concepts and addressing problems that students had. Also, very funny."

"I enjoyed Adam's section a lot! It was much better than the lectures and were extremely helpful. It was definitely the best part of the class."

"Section was always really helpful with the problem sets, providing examples of concepts that were appeared on the problem set but that hadn't always been presented in class. Adam was approachable and friendly; I think he did a great job."

Full teaching evaluations available upon request.